eg Productions Animation & Video Production Department

eg Productions is the prideful recipient of the prestigious "Best of Bakersfield" Award in the video production category for 2008.

We would like to thank our lead director and cinematographer; Eric James Swearingen of the Art of Eric James Studios for all of his accomplishments and winning this advantageous trophy.

Monster Massive Rave 2008
720P Hi-Definition Adobe Flash Video
95MB Download "Monster_Massive_2008_Ver4D.f4v"
© 2008 Art of Eric 661. 322. 0913

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Kyle Carter Homes
"Come Dream with us"
341 kb WMV format

United Farm Workers
40 th Anniversary
432 kb WMV format

Weapons of Mass
Destruction Project
2.4 Mb WMV format

La Mina Cantina
"30 Second TV Commercial"
903 kb WMV format

Lightning Storm 2003
"Lightning over Bakersfield"
4.7 Mb WMV format
"Alien Technology"
3.5 Mb WMV format

ICL Logo
"Innovative Concert Lighting"
1.9 Mb WMV format

Super Nova
"Classic Sci Fi Effect"
365 Kb WMV format

Digital Millipedes
"Experimental Animation"
4.4 Mb WMV format
eg Productions provides a full range of video services, including 3D computer animation and compositing of imagery for special effects.
We use the latest technology.
For example, digital cinema video cameras that acquire images with progressive scan CCDs for a motion picture look and feel. This technique is archetypal of the technology that was used in the production of the latest "Star Wars" movie.
We also use a multiple CPU "server farm" for rendering animation projects at our post production facility. This speeds up the creative process and make for a very efficient operation.

Our clients take advantage of our ability to produce innovative and creative visual concepts in a vast array of mediums that can be used in a multitude of advertising and marketing forums like HDTV, DVD, Broadcast Television, The Internet, and Interactive CD-Roms.

eg Productions can take your dreams and make them reality.

... as real as digital cinema gets.