Commercial Web Sites:

Bakersfield On Air
TV Show
coming soon
Bryn L. Randolph
MPH, CMT, Wellness Coach, ChiRunning Instructor
Chamber of Chills
Is Bakersfield Ready ?
Ramona Potts . com
Make-up & Hair Styling
Gamerz Cafe
Cyber Cafe equipped to accommodate the serious LAN gamer.
Art of Eric James . com
Corpse Clan Productions
Specializing in Commercial Haunted Houses,
Special Effects & Props for rent or sale.
Tami Tippit . com
The True story of a woman determined to overcome the adversities of being poisoned by Dr. Larry Ford
Cooking with Firefighters
This innovative new cooking series travels to fire houses around the country and highlights the Men & Women of the firefighting profession and the meals they prepare.
Mike & Bob's Extravaganza
Camping has never been so fun. This group of adventures is celebrating 20 years of Discovery.
Hesselbach Video Engineering
SATELLITE LINK-UP service, video engineering, Medical Video Productions, and consulting.
Innovative Concert Lighting
Starr Media Solutions
Integrated technologies solution provider
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